Middle School Math: Decimals, interest Business Project
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Part of the middle school curriculum is the practical application of math processes in the world of business.  The children are eager and ready to learn how the world works in this marvelous way, and this block is perfect for growing the knowledge base of how the business world functions and it is very exciting for the children to manage and bring into reality, a real little business.  Under the overriding project, we learn to use decimals, figure simple and compound interest, figure percentages, and move easily between fractions, decimals, percentages, and more.  This is a very engaging study and is perfect for active children who want to 'do' real things and be active AND learn much about math in the process.  This block features a project from my class in 2014, where we designed and made fairy doors to sell in our community, we ended up earning close to $1000 in profit with a class of about 14 kids.  You can copy our project or you can create your own.  I think you will love this block!

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Middle School Math: Decimals, interest Business Project

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