Examples of Grade One Form Drawing
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This beautifully written guide will take you effortlessly through 30 lessons of Form Drawing for Grade 1 aged children, in 3 terms of ten lessons each, based on small stories with seasonal flavors to interest and engage the young child.

Form Drawing is an art unique to Waldorf education and allow the child to experience archetypal gesture of form through a wide range of learning approaches including kinesthetic and proprioceptic, from limb and whole body movement, to subtle and highly controlled eye-brain-hand application.

This Guide has 30 lessons arranged in 10 week terms and the stories are based on Fall, Winter, and Spring, featuring familiar animals that a child may have encountered near home.  These little creatures show us through their actions, along with a few fairies and gnomes, how we might see movement as line.

Form drawing is one of the most enjoyable weekly lesson in the Waldorf schedule and this Guide will be a special and faithful Guide for your use at home, in school, or even with therapeutic work.  This Guide contains background reading as well for the support, direction, and method for Form Drawing from Rudolf Steiner and others.

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Line Into Life: Form Drawing Guide Grade 1

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