Form Drawing Example Grade 5
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This large guide will help you develop your own drawing and coloring skills so that you can teach children in the Waldorf Way, Marsha Johnson will guide you gently through the use of stick and block crayons, colored pencils, and other materials. You will learn how to bring the artistic element of two-dimensional work on the chalkboard and in the main lesson books, to create lasting and beautiful records of the child's work.  This book is useful for everyone regardless of skill or experience, you will enjoy the journey by following the exercises and practices, prior to teaching your own children or a class of children. 

This guide has almost 80 pages, with 45 pages of written instructions, laid out grade by grade, and then 20 plus pages of full color examples of childrens' work.  It is important to see and understand how children draw and color, in a normal and beautiful way, along with teacher/parent examples from the chalkboard.  The translation of the image from the visual field (seeing it) to the hand (drawing it or coloring it) is an enormous journey, flavored by the child's unique spirit, temperament, and capacity. 

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Creating Beautful Main Lesson Books G 1-5

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