Ancient India & Mesopotamia, Grade Five
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This block is an intense experience for the 10-11 year old and has been set as a three week block to look at India and Mesopotamia.  There are stories, projects, examples of children's art and crafts, and more.  Teaching the fabulous Ancient History of Civilization is an engaging and wonderful Waldorf way of teaching.  It is recommended that one also obtain a book or resource for classic Indian literature from the library to use for the stories. 

Studying this ancient culture lets the grade five child to experience the time when the human beings were first developing memory and consciousness on the earth, when we were really very dreamy and highly receptive to the influrnces of the spiritual world.  We find in ancient India the beautiful exploration of all of the sensory impulses that serve to waken us to these ancient memories.  We used henna to design and create gorgeous hand and arm patterns that reflected each child's unique self.  We also enjoyed cooking various dishes from this ancient and current culture which includes tandoori chicken and curries. 


The block is so rich with stories, who can ever forget Siddartha and his magical journey? Who can forget the elephants, the jungles, the tropical feeling and the wonderful histories of this time period?  This block plan will guide you through this beautiful history period and I hope that you can feel comfortable transporting yourself and your children to this magical land and time period.

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Ancient India & Mesopotamia, Grade Five

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